Journal Score Cards

Journal Score Card

By completing a Journal Score Card in QOAM authors may review the quality of the services of the journal they published in. The Card has four bullets that can be rated from 1 to 5:


  • The editor of the journal is responsive.
  • The peer review of the journal has added value.
  • I would recommend scholars to submit their work to this journal.
  • I would deem this journal good value for money

Per bullet, the rating options are:

The average of the ratings is called the Score of the journal.

The Score Card has a free text box for additional comments, with a placeholder question:

For transparency reasons, editors are requested to tick the following box.
I am an editor of this journal

In that case a specific text box with a placeholder question pops up:

The life cycle of Journal Score Cards

To avoid framing, only members of the academic community can publish Journal Score Cards. Therefore, only people with an academic email address can register and log in to the scoring module of QOAM. Per person only one JSC may be published for a specific journal. In order to reflect new experiences with the journal, everybody may update their JSC any time. Per journal only the one hundred most recent score cards will count for the average score of the journal. This will keep the scores fresh.